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Average customer rating 4.5 out of 5 stars, all active LYNQ customers surveyed, calculated from the responses to 427 invites sent across meeting business needs, ease of working with LYNQ and enjoyability of working with LYNQ.

Our Current customers

ACI Services

“LYNQ was a natural fit for us because our requirement was to be able to see the schedule and capacity over a period of time and see how a new order would affect this. This had become a business necessity for us.”

“Knowing our true schedule for the machine shop and the assembly side is the biggest benefit for me. LYNQ is eye candy for us to see where we stand for the day or month.” Adam Bright, Master Scheduler

“The time we’ve saved in data entry is tremendous. We had 3 people’s time to do nothing but data entry. Now the guys just click go and stop. LYNQ has eliminated that manual data entry process completely.”

Pandu Badam, Manufacturing Project Manager

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Rocket Medical

“LYNQ MES is a lot easier for scheduling and for moving things around while providing a much clearer, more visual representation of our manufacturing operations.” Darryl Jordan, General Manager

“Our performance has improved significantly since LYNQ MES was implemented, six months ago. Working with LYNQ has been a positive experience and a good driver for us.” Darren Johnston, Head of Mould Shop

“We are promoting ourselves, the company and our devices a lot better. We’ve won orders from some big customers and are seeing higher sales volumes. Planning is very important to the business because of the number of different products we make. We have to utilise our assets – including personnel – effectively”

Les Todd, Operations Director

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“The new system allows me to track employees, materials, and quality issues and notifies me if there’s an issue, it provides accurate data on operations and overall job costs. Average costing has been eliminated. It’s helped me fine-tune my bills of materials and time costings and make them more accurate.”

“The benefits of readily available access to all facets of scheduling and production information, combined with a system that is operator friendly and easy to use, results in significant time and efficiency savings, while also providing a system that supports any company’s continuous improvement efforts.”

“LYNQ MES, delivered one of the best training experiences I have ever had, and I have worked in manufacturing for 30 plus years. The attention to detail, thoroughness, and accuracy brought to the table was wonderful.”

Ed Hanrahan, Vice President Operations

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“While we are manufacturing a product via LYNQ, we can determine the deadline based on real data when we start the process. I know I can finish the product within five days, because LYNQ says I can do it in five days.”

“Many companies manufacture products and the most important thing here is the measurability of the performance. In one way or another, all companies manufacture something, but I believe being able to capture and analyse data is essential to any business. That’s why I would recommend LYNQ to any company.”

“Here, we have many different manufacturing departments within our company, and we didn’t have a way of measuring and tracking our productivity. Yes, we were producing something but we lacked the ability to collect and measure data. LYNQ helped us to learn about how long it takes to manufacture a product, the delivery date, and the efficiency of manufacturing the product itself.”

Selim Arslan, Export Manager

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Elixir Extrusions

“Our experience with the LYNQ Shop Floor system has been a great planning and scheduling factor for our company. Even with the everyday changes that are thrown into our system, we have been able to optimise our production to get products to the customer in a timely manner. The LYNQ staff and support personnel are phenomenal!”

Andy Thomas, IT Manager

Amphenol Pcd

“LYNQ products have a great added value and complement our efficient processes and systems, finding the user experience as the centre of each one of the screens and functionalities, on top of that the service by the experienced staff and support make our unique needs and requirements achievable.”

Aaron Reyes, IT Manager

Radius HDD

“LYNQ MES is great for us as it can optimise the way things need to run in a sequence that makes the most sense, it’s really changed the dynamic of how we solve issues and has had a huge impact on how efficiently we can work.”

Steve Taylor, Head of Operational Activities

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“We chose LYNQ MES because it will help us streamline the production planning activities and better track the performance of our various teams, giving us a better view in “real-time” of our production activities.”

André Desjardins, Marketing Director

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Worldwide Protective Products

“Transparency was one of the essential requirements we identified as we started looking for solutions, what brought us to LYNQ was the opportunity to get that visibility, to know what is being produced on every single piece of equipment at any given point in time.”

“LYNQ far outperformed their competition, in terms of their organisational structure and customer service model”

Brendan Mesanovic, Strategic Planning Director

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“Excellent, excellent, excellent! Curtis has performed in a superior fashion, and provided us with greater insight and knowledge. We look forward to working together toward continued improvement!”

Kevin Ross, Director of Operational Excellence

The LYNQ team is extremely engaging and supportive. They provided clear explanations of how the system functions and how to interpret the data collected. Our training received was very informative and beneficial”

Andrea Evans, Operations Manager

Acorn Assembly

“In just one month, Acorn went from below 20% on-time deliveries to over 85%, with the same number of people on the shopfloor! The transformation was a little short of miraculous, and it fed into improvements in other areas, too.

Seeing something work that well is great, LYNQ completely changed the game and we wanted to see how far we could push it. We are now over 95% on-time shipping. Our revenue per person in direct labour is better than it has been in years!”

John Cherry, Director of Engineering and Technology

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I-K-I Manufacturing

“Our customers are happier because they are getting things on time. They have all said that, since March, IKI has become much easier to work with. Everything now goes much more smoothly. We have increased transparency into what the schedule is. Everything is getting better.”

“[one of the biggest benefits] is inventory reduction; that is pure cash in our bank account. The amount we have liberated has been massive for a company our size.”

Andrew Walker, CEO

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AF Gason

“The data collection in terms of our ability to see whether we are working according to our standard times, and if the returns are meeting expectations, is top-notch.”

Jason Yole, Production Manager

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“Using SYSPRO integrated with LYNQ MES has been an absolute revelation for us, a real time and money saver. It’s a whole new world for us.”

Brett Vorhauer, Managing Director

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The Carlisle & Finch Co.

“LYNQ has helped us accomplish our two main goals: automate time and increase scheduling visibility. It also allows more people to see what employees are working on and where in the process an order is currently.

Less time is spent tracking down a
person or order. [We can] focus on ROI,
we will save close to $ 60K a year in
manual processing,”

Toni Brummett, Controller

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“With LYNQ MES and SYSPRO we will have the flexibility to properly schedule jobs and the ‘Drivethru’ programme will be obsolete.”

Kevin Ernst, General Manager

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