250 years
in the making.

LYNQ is reinventing manufacturing execution system (MES) software. Configurable, intelligent and quick to deploy, LYNQ helps manufacturers around the world thrive in today’s competitive market.

The values
at our core.

Our people, product, process and passion ensure we deliver on our promise.

LYNQ People – Our employees and our customers are the heartbeat of our operation. People are what makes us tick. We’re in this together, to make LYNQ a business we’re all proud to work for, and to offer a product and service that builds mutually beneficial relationships and enables manufacturers to thrive.

LYNQ Product – Our product and our expertise is what keeps our customers happy. We help drive continuous improvement with plug and play manufacturing operations management software, that is easy to work with and enjoyable to use. Configured to match the needs of each manufacturer, our business is helping their business.

LYNQ Process – Our process is a combination of our people and our product. Our process differentiates us from rivals in that we are specifically aimed at small to medium-sized manufacturing business, and provide them with a level of service, industry experience and value-for-money that other suppliers simply cannot match.

LYNQ Passion – Our passion is to provide small to midsized manufacturers with outstanding manufacturing execution system (MES) software. Designed, developed and deployed to a high standard for a fraction of the typical cost to help them achieve their delivery, quality and financial goals.

Our team is
your team.

We’ll take the time to understand your business.


Unleash your potential.

One solution for effective
resource management.