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Oakville Stamping & Bending: Significantly reduce manufacturing process errors through LYNQ MES and SYSPRO.

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Plumbing parts manufacturer who faced challenges in job scheduling, optimising production, meeting delivery deadlines and eliminating manual processes achieved high end automated and customised business processes through LYNQ and SYSPRO.

OS&B encountered several challenges in their operations. In particular, they struggled with job scheduling, as they found it difficult to efficiently allocate tasks to their workforce. Additionally, they faced difficulties in optimising their production processes, hindering their ability to maximise efficiency. Meeting delivery deadlines proved to be another challenge, potentially impacting customer satisfaction. Moreover, the company aimed to eliminate manual processes, as these were time-consuming and prone to errors. Overall, these challenges required careful planning and implementation of solutions.

These issues were successfully resolved by implementing LYNQ and SYSPRO. This implementation led to process automation and improved job scheduling, ultimately resulting in greater efficiency for OS&B’s operations.

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About Oakville Stamping and Bending

OS&B is a leading manufacturer of bathtub overflows, drains, fittings and other plumbing parts. Established in 1975, OS&B manufactures for and supplies to plumbing wholesalers and some of the largest OEM brands in the world. They offer in-house product design and testing to address specific business requirements. Over the years OS&B has expanded and acquired other companies in the plastic molding business.

“With LYNQ MES and SYSPRO we will have the flexibility to properly schedule jobs and the ‘Drivethru’ programme will be obsolete.”

Kevin Ernst, General Manager, OS&B

The Goal

Early on, OS&B used to receive numerous small orders for various SKUs from their customers. Since the quantities were small, they leveraged several third-party tools with SYSPRO ERP and built a custom application to automate processes and get jobs done in a single day. However, as they grew, their order sizes increased, and their custom applications could neither account for the lead times they needed nor organise daily production requirements. They wanted a way to efficiently utilise their work centres and fulfil orders on time and needed a solution flexible enough to facilitate business process customisation.

  • Gain real-time visibility into time spent on products
  • Overall cost saving
  • Collect data for reporting and optimising
  • Automate and schedule business processes

Key Benefits

Digitalisation – the company is now able to move away from manual and paper-based manufacturing management which consumed so much of its time.

Visibility of planning and capacity – the process was admin and labour intensive, with limited reporting. They are now able to track each job electronically and have clear visibility of labour and machine capacity in real-time.

LYNQ MES and SYSPRO have digitalised the entire process for Oakville. Equipping them with control over their manufacturing operations and the data to be able to report back on and utilise time more efficiently.

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