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AF Gason achieved 100% improvement in results, 20% in job recording accuracy, 50% in shop floor efficiency and a 30% reduction in the backlog of engineering change requests.

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AF Gason’s business achieved its goal of finding a sound solution which could be used across the entire length of its supply chain to ensure one source of the truth by implementing LYNQ and SYSPRO.

AF Gason agricultural equipment is designed by engineers with practical experience who understand their unique conditions. Gason works with farmers and farm innovation groups and conducts thorough testing to ensure that every Gason machine will deliver top performance in every application.

LYNQ and SYSPRO have allowed AF Gason to collect data which enables them to see whether they are working according to their standard times and if the returns are meeting expectations.

Because of LYNQ and SYSPRO, they are able to confirm that their job recording accuracy levels have improved by more than 20% as well as a 50% improvement in efficiency on the shop floor.

The system has helped them understand where their costs sit and how much of a particular item needs to be held.

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“From an overall business management perspective, we utilise the information out of SYSPRO and LYNQ MES every single day.”

Leon Nash – Chief Financial Officer.


We attribute the major payback on our investment to LYNQ and  SYSPRO and the ability to use shop floor recording and job recording appropriately. Our job recording accuracy levels have improved”

“The data collection in terms of our ability to see whether we are working according to our standard times, and if the returns are meeting expectations, is top-notch.”

Jason Yole, AF Gason’s Production Manager

Key Benefits

Production processing. Their entire supply chain process can be delivered through one solution

Job recording. The accuracy of recording has improved by 20%.

Digitisation. The entire process has been digitalised for the company, equipping them with control over their manufacturing operations and the data to be able to work more efficiently.

Efficiency. There is a 50% increase in shop floor efficiency. and a 30% reduction in the backlog of engineering change requests.

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