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GRL: Driving Efficiency Gains through LYNQ MES

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Automotive seats manufacturer, GRL, gain data visibility and productivity analysis through LYNQ MES.

GRL is, globally, one of the most important players in the market for seating systems for vessels and land vehicles. Exporting to nearly 50 countries in 5 continents, with 50 years of industry experience. In terms of manufacturing facilities, they operate across a total of 12.000 m2 with the closed area of 10.000 m2 and an average production capacity of 20 thousand units per month for seats of buses, minibuses, trains, ships and trams.

Through using LYNQ they have gained the ability to track data from employees and machines which has given them invaluable insight into their performance. With the data and analysis they now have, GRL are able to improve their production line, saving time and money by planning their entire manufacturing operation more efficiently. Working across such a large manufacturing site, with products being shipped all over the world, the marginal gains GRL have made through using LYNQ has made a huge difference to their business productivity. Download the full customer story here.


Automotive manufacturer GRL

Key Benefits

Production visibility – company is now able to track and analysis data from employees and machines.

Planning and scheduling – confidence to know exactly how long it takes to manufacture each product and when it can fit into the schedule.

Quality control – ease of being able to spot non-conformities or quality issues across the whole product portfolio.

LYNQ MES has given GRL data visibility and analytics on their manufacturing operations that they never had before, driving continuous improvement across the business as a whole.


Data collection and the analysis of this data is the key benefit for GRL. “The biggest benefit for us is being able to track the production line. I can say that knowing the daily performance of a worker or a machine is the most important thing.”

“While we are manufacturing a product via LYNQ, we can determine the deadline based on real data when we start the process. I know I can finish the product within five days, because LYNQ says I can do it in five days.”

“Many companies manufacture products and the most important thing here is the measurability of the performance. In one way or another, all companies manufacture something, but I believe being able to capture and analyse data is essential to any business. That’s why I would recommend LYNQ to any company.”

“Here, we have many different manufacturing departments within our company, and we didn’t have a way of measuring and tracking our productivity. Yes, we were producing something but we lacked the ability to collect and measure data. LYNQ helped us to learn about how long it takes to manufacture a product, the delivery date, and the efficiency of manufacturing the product itself.”

Selim Arslan, GRL Export Manager

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