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Worldwide Protective Products: Futureproofing Growth

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Clothing manufacturer, Worldwide Protective Products, achieve rapid ROI with LYNQ MES through gains in productivity and increased cost control.

Investing in IT has been the cornerstone of the company’s growth and development strategy, recognising the importance of building a solid financial foundation for future expansion and automation of production.

Headquartered in Hamburg, New York, Worldwide Protective Products managed the production of its specialised, bespoke products with spreadsheets, experience and a lot of time, effort and manual checking. It worked to a point and helped to build Worldwide into a multi-million Dollar enterprise.

LYNQ has enabled Worldwide to digitalise its processes, now being able to see exactly how much raw material goes into each glove, measure the time it takes to produce and identify any variances or non-conformities. Better visibility has greatly improved cost control, helped faster identification of problems and accelerated improvement. Download the full case study here.

LYNQ MES at Worldwide Protective Products

LYNQ MES customer story

Key Benefits

Supply chain visibility – company now has a reliable raw materials inventory report and visibility of capacity.

Data transparency – knowing what is being produced on every single piece of equipment at any given point in time, enabling continuous improvement.

Cost management – the ability to identify the people, machines or equipment that are giving rise to variances, investigate why, and fix any issues.

LYNQ MES has enabled visibility and control of data that has uncovered a host of marginal gains in efficiencies, that have added up to significant gains in effectiveness and profitability.

A tailored solution from LYNQ MES

Worldwide deal in the premium and bespoke space, rather than mass production.  “We work with our customers to cater for their precise needs. We need specialised enterprise resource planning and manufacturing execution software, because you can’t put standard lines into it, just press the button and say: we’ll have some of these, some of those, and some of those.” Brendan Mesanovic, Strategic Planning Director.

“What we needed was visibility. For example, we had a raw materials inventory report, that would be right for about 30 seconds after it was issued!” he said. “A commodity manufacturer will have all its machines the same style. In contrast, what we do is a lot of small runs; we could have each of those 475 machines making a different style of glove, all running at the same time.”

“Transparency was one of the essential requirements we identified as we started looking for solutions,” Mesanovic said. “What brought us to LYNQ was the opportunity to get that visibility, to know what is being produced on every single piece of equipment at any given point in time.”

“LYNQ far outperformed their competition, in terms of their organisational structure and customer service model”
Brendan Mesanovic, Strategic Planning Director

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