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Implementation Automation Consulting Support

“LYNQ’s post sales implementation was fantastic and their customer service and support is second to none” – Brandon Mesanovic (Worldwide Protective Protects)

LYNQ enables customers to maximise the benefits of a Manufacturing Execution System (MES) implementation through effective use of service and support. With services designed to provide customers with the ultimate customer experience, LYNQ delivers a true partnership approach to customer service. LYNQ’s enviable reputation within the industry for high quality delivery and rapid ROI guarantees long-term satisfaction for its customers and partners.

Implementation Services

Implementation services guarantees business transformation by optimising resources, processes and technology. LYNQ’s proven implementation methodology together with industry and domain expertise ensures desired business outcomes are understood and achieved. LYNQ’s implementation service mitigates risks of failure to ensure projects are delivered successfully on a fixed price basis.

Automation Services

Automation services help customers connect machinery to LYNQ to determine equipment effectiveness (OEE), automatically. Including machine state (running, down or switched off) and output quantity (good and bad) over time. LYNQ provides controlled management of automated machine data, including error handling and live or controlled data processing to ERP/PLM systems. Automation services are available to customers during or post implementation and charged at an hourly rate.

Consulting Services

Consulting services provide expert advice to customers during or post implementation. Consulting services may be used for a variety of purposes but typically offered when business requirements are not met through standard implementation services or when business requirements change and further consultation is required. Consulting services are charged at an hourly rate.

Support Services

Support services provide effective and responsive support with unlimited support incidents and monitored service levels. By making use of the latest technologies LYNQ continue to add value to the customer through regular updates, new features and capabilities. Support services are charged at a percentage of the current software list price.

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