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Bodypoint: Strengthening Performance through LYNQ MES

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Medical devices manufacturer, Bodypoint, improve time management and quality control through LYNQ MES.

Bodypoint designs and manufactures postural supports that improve safety, comfort, function, and independence for wheelchair users. Manufacturing in Seattle, United States since 1991, Bodypoint’s end-customers are wheelchair users with complex rehabilitational needs. Its mission is “to create exceptional products that enable wheelchair users to improve their lives”. Correct body positioning leads to better function and a more fulfilling life, whether that is something as simple as reaching across the dinner table or competing in the Paralympic Games.

Through using LYNQ they have been able to calculate accurate costings for their products as well as being able to understand machine and labour capacity at any given time. LYNQ MES has enabled Bodypoint to reduce their use of paper by 80%, a clear cost as well as environmental saving for the business. Its also enabled them to gain improved control over quality issues and operational processes. Download the full story here.

LYNQ MES at Bodypoint

Key Benefits

Digitalisation – company is now able to move away from manual and paper based manufacturing management.

Visibility of planning and capacity – the process was admin and labour intensive, with limited reporting. They are now able to track each job electronically and have clear visibility of labour and machine capacity.

Accurate costings – now able to view the accurate cost of production for any particular product.

LYNQ MES has digitalised the entire process for Bodypoint. Equipping them with control over their manufacturing operations and the data to be able to work more efficiently.


The ability to track the entire process as well as report on the efficiency of production is the biggest benefit for Bodypoint.

“The new system allows me to track employees, materials, and quality issues and notifies me if there’s an issue,” Ed Hanrahan, Vice President Operations, coomments. “It provides accurate data on operations and overall job costs. Average costing has been eliminated. It’s helped me fine-tune my bills of materials and time costings and make them more accurate.”

“The benefits of readily available access to all facets of scheduling and production information, combined with a system that is operator friendly and easy to use, results in significant time and efficiency savings, while also providing a system that supports any company’s continuous improvement efforts.”

“LYNQ MES, delivered one of the best training experiences I have ever had and I have worked in manufacturing for 30 plus years. The attention to detail, thoroughness, and accuracy brought to the table was wonderful.”

Ed Hanrahan, Bodypoint, Vice President Operations.

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