Case Study – Bodypoint

INDUSTRY: TEXTILES. LYNQ MES has enabled Bodypoint to reduce their use…

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Case Study – GRL Group

INDUSTRY: TEXTILES & AUTOMOTIVE. The GRL Group have gained the ability…

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Case Study – IKI Manufacturing

INDUSTRY: CHEMICALS. With a supply chain affected greatly by covid-19 and…

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Case Study – Radius HDD

INDUSTRY: INDUSTRIAL EQUIPMENT. Innovative drill tools company, Radius HDD (Horizontal Direction…

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Case Study -ACI Services

INDUSTRY: OIL AND GAS. Previously using a manual, paper-based system the…

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Challenge Series: PLAN

Real-world challenges faced by manufacturers. How can output be maximised with…

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Security Incident Management

Learn how LYNQ continuously develop and improve its approach for responding…

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General Terms and Conditions (Cloud Services)

Usage rights, responsibilities, data protection, fees and taxes, term and termination,…

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General Terms and Conditions (Software and Support)

License grant, verification, price and payment, term, intellectual property rights,  warranty,…

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