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The Carlisle & Finch Co. saved $60K in under 6 months with LYNQ!

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Spotlight manufacturers, The Carlisle & Finch Co. achieved their two main goals, through LYNQ MES.

The Carlisle & Finch Co., established in 1894 by Morten Carlisle and Robert S. Finch in Cincinnati, Ohio, has had a long and rich history; from manufacturing the first electric toy train sets in the 1890s to being a global leader in the searchlight industry today. The company is currently owned and run by the 4th and 5th family generations at its original headquarters.

The Carlisle & Finch Co. has continued to design and manufacture searchlights and other marine lighting equipment for military, private and commercial sea-craft, and security operations on land for more than 125 years. In order to create lighting-based products that are designed for safety, they combine cutting-edge engineering with world-class manufacturing. As a result of their continuous innovation over more than 125 years, their products are consistent and of the highest quality.

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LYNQ has proved extremely valuable to Carlisle & Finch Co.’s manufacturing operation, showing when materials are in short supply, as well as when they are due.

Because of instant visibility throughout the entire organisation through LYNQ, errors can be corrected before they become problems, which in turn has improved their manufacturing timing and delivery.

Likewise, the accounting department also benefits from the process enhancement as closing the month off can happen more swiftly due to the efficiency of closing shop orders.

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“Most of our shop employees are over 55 and not tech savvy.  After using LYNQ for only a week or two everyone was comfortable and preferred it over the manual method.  We have received very positive feedback from our employees.  Even a few who thought this would be difficult and not work right were extremely happy with the change and became my biggest supporters of the new solution.”

Toni Brummett – Controller.


Toni Brummett – Controller at The Carlisle & Finch Co. has no hesitation in recommending LYNQ MES to other businesses.

“The more we use LYNQ, the more savings we are making and we are seeing better and better results.”

“Less time is spent tracking down a person or order. [We can] focus on ROI, we will save close to $60K a year in manual processing.”

Key Benefits

Digitalisation – now able to move away from manual and paper based manufacturing management.

Visibility of planning and capacity – Shop floor operations, production and delivery management is now trackable electronically and there is visibility of inventory orders, capacity and labour input.

Lowered costs – lowered material waste and labour costs per product.

Workforce morale – Even a few who thought this would be difficult and not work right were extremely happy with the change and became the implementor’s biggest supporters of the new solution which proved that the workforce was happy to work together.

LYNQ MES has digitalised the entire process for the company, equipping them with control over their manufacturing operations and the data to be able to work more efficiently.

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