Customer Stories

Hear from a sample of our current customers on their experience of using LYNQ

The Carlisle & Finch Co.

The Carlisle & Finch Co. saved $60K in under 6 months…

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Acorn Assembly

Acorn Assembly: Improved on-time deliveries from below 20% to 95% in…

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New LYNQ Customer: Radius HDD

Radius HDD: Supporting Business Growth through LYNQ MES

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New LYNQ Customer: Lemay Nursery

LYNQ is delighted to welcome Lemay onboard as a new LYNQ…

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IKI Manufacturing

IKI Manufacturing: Cutting Inventory Costs by $4 Million in 6 months

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ACI Services

ACI Services: Saving Time and Digitalising Processes

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Bodypoint: Strengthening Performance through LYNQ MES

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GRL – Video Case Study

Watch how automotive seats manufacturer, GRL, have used LYNQ MES to…

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WPP – Video Case Study

Watch how protective clothing manufacturer, Worldwide Protective Products, have used LYNQ…

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Rocket Medical

Rocket Medical: The Right Therapy, LYNQ MES

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