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LYNQ is reinventing manufacturing execution system (MES) software for businesses looking to digitalise and drive factory performance.

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One solution for effective resource management.

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Effective scheduling of resources
with online plans and interactive job lists.


Real-time data collection and
tracking of employees, equipment and jobs.


Automatic data capture from
machines and other devices.


World-class factory performance
analysis with loss visualisation.


Paperless shop floor with downtime
alerts and collaborative messaging.

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Configurable and quick to deploy.

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Nearly every country needs to build more homes to house growing populations. Research shows that England alone, for example, has a shortfall of 3.91 million homes; the UK government has set a new home building target of 300,000 a year until 2031. The current rate of new build is around 200,000.

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The electronics sector has one of the diversified product bases of any industry in the world. Global growth rate was in excess of 4% in 2018, led by Asia and the Americas (5% each), with Europe lagging (2%). OEMs are increasingly seeking partnerships with electronic manufacturing services (EMS) companies in designing sub-assembly and finished products.

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Industrial Equipment

Industrial Equipment

Machine builders, typically, are horizontally-aligned asset assemblers and their business relies on subcontracting most, or many, of their parts. They have less control over component pricing and if the component is supplied by a small number of suppliers who raise prices in unison, they are hit hard. But for most machinery makers the markets are vast.

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Metal Fabrication

Metal Fabrication

Metal fabrication involves a range of processes: cutting, burning, welding, machining, forming, and final assembly. Producers range from small job shops to multinational conglomerates.

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Plastics & Rubber

Plastics & Rubber

The plastics and rubber industries are subdivisions of the chemical industry; around 60% of the world’s rubber is now produced synthetically. Global plastic production is led by China. It was 350m tonnes in 2017, with packaging accounting for 36% of the total. The world market for plastic products is forecast to reach US$1.2 trillion by 2020.

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“…we were at 87% on time delivery, now we have reached 98%. It saves us time and money.”

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“…we reduced our machine downtime by 27% in less than 6 months.”

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“…the simple and configurable interface made it quick to deploy with 100% compliance.”

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