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Excelta:  Boosting Productivity Through Robust Reporting

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Small assembly hand tools manufacturer needed a solution to address their numerous challenges. They achieved highly automated and customised processes with daily scheduling and capacity monitoring through LYNQ while effectively managing their resources.

Excelta’s daily operations were hindered by big challenges: complex production processes and limited reporting capabilities, proficient inventory management, accurate demand forecasting and the maintenance of optimal stock levels for timely goods availability.

To address these challenges, LYNQ MES was implemented, which has proven to be a valuable solution.

This solution has become an integral part of Excelta’s manufacturing process allowing them to drive operational excellence and boost productivity through robust reporting

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Excelta LYNQ Customer Success

About Excelta

Excelta Corporation, est. in 1957 by Jerome Dalseme specialises in manufacturing small assembly hand tools such as tweezers, pliers and cutters from their facility in Buelton, California.

These precision tools are distributed to industries including Military Electronics, Consumer Electronics, Medical Device Manufacturing, Electronic Assembly and Repair sectors.

Excelta’s product range has expanded, growing from a modest selection of chain nose pliers and tweezers to an extensive catalogue of over 1,200 items distributed to the consumer electronics market. Excelta has maintained a strong commitment to delivering top-quality, innovative solutions.

“LYNQ MES is a great solution to accurately track labour time, schedule our 24+ work centres and analyse performance, we are currently tracking both equipment and employee time to be able to keep operations informed with up-to-date information.”

Daniel Graef, IT & Purchasing Manager, Excelta Corporation

The Goal

With unwavering dedication to automation, Excelta’s goal was to drive efficiencies and reduce costs across their entire organisation.

  • Streamline efficiency
  • Improve inventory management and cut excess costs
  • Collect accurate and real-time data for reporting
  • Automate and schedule business processes
  • Track labour time and resources

Key Benefits

Digitalisation – The company is now able to track labour time and encompass equipment. They are now able to track each job electronically and have clear visibility of labour and machine capacity in real-time.

Visibility of planning and capacity – They are able to schedule over 24 work centres and offer valuable performance insights.

LYNQ MES has allowed Excelta to get rid of the limitations of their outdated ERP system. Today, they set the benchmark for precision manufacturing in the electronics, medical devices, aerospace and defence industries. Their journey serves as an inspiring example of how SYSPRO and LYNQ’s technology can drive efficiency, reduce costs and stimulate progress in today’s competitive business landscape.

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