LYNQ New Partner – Synergy Resources

Synergy Resources joins LYNQ’s partner programme as a new partner based in the USA.

Synergy Resources, LLC (Synergy) a privately held Company headquartered in Islip, New York, today announced a partnership with LYNQ as part of a commitment to provide the best integration solutions for its customers.

“This Partnership extends Synergy’s portfolio of solutions to provide comprehensive manufacturing functionality to digitise and drive factory performance,” said

Michael Canty, Executive Vice President at Synergy.

“LYNQ’s comprehensive capacity planning, scheduling, automatic data collection and analysis capability quickly enables manufacturing companies to enter the digital transformation era and maximise machine efficiency, employee productivity, and profitability.”

About Synergy Resources

Synergy brings together a collaborative team of experts, best-in-class ERP solutions, a world-class Partner group, and proven best practices to create tailored solutions that provide companies a dynamic advantage now and in the future. Helping growth-oriented leaders make confident core business and technology decisions allows them to take their organisation from solid to unstoppable.

LYNQ Press Release Synergy Resources

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