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Automatic data capture from machines and other devices.

One solution to digitalise your factory.

140+ industrial drivers

Over 140 native drivers to the most common PLC/IO devices including Allen Bradley, GE, Honeywell, Mitsubishi, Siemens, Toshiba and more. View the full list here.

Industrial protocols

Support of industrial automation protocols including OPC and MT Connect. Proprietary protocols GE NIO, SuiteLink, FastDDE. Technology protocols MQTT, REST, ODBC and SNMP.

Automatic data collection

Automatic data collection of the values required to determine equipment effectiveness (OEE), including machine state (running, down or switched off) and output quantity (good and bad) over time.

Semi-automatic data collection

Combination of machine data (IIoT) and data entered manually via terminals (HMI) including job identification and assignment; operational quantity; operational scrap; equipment downtime.

Custom data collection

Automatic and semi-automatic data collection of custom values e.g. spindle speed, temperature and other values specific to your environment that you wish to track and analyse.

Data management

Controlled management of machine data including error handling; live or controlled data posting to ERP/PLM systems; data collection from multiple geographical facilities; data historian.

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