LYNQ Employee Spotlight – Mark Ryan

Mark Ryan - LYNQ Software Designer

Adding faces to the names, introducing the LYNQ team…

Mark Ryan, Product Owner (Construction)



Mark is experienced in management roles in logistics. A more recent convert to software development but has already been a key part of developing a production estimating application.

Tell us about your role at LYNQ, Mark

How long have you worked at LYNQ? I have been working for LYNQ for almost two years now.

What do you enjoy about your role? I love everything about my role! I couldn’t ask for better colleagues to work with, everyone is so willing to help out and share their knowledge with me. I learn something new, nearly every single day and I enjoy seeing the successful rollout of something that I have created.

What is your favourite project that you have worked on? It definitely has to be our current Platform project being put together. I am really enjoying seeing so many talented and experienced people come together and produce such a fantastic product.

And to get a bit more personal, here’s a ‘Quick Fire Five’

  1. What is your phone screensaver? It’s plain black, so pretty boring.
  2. One thing you’d take to a desert island? A boat. Obvious, isn’t it?
  3. I bet my teammates would be surprised to know that…I have a phobia of sponges. Just writing about it has made my teeth itch!
  4. What was the first gig/ live music event you went to?  In 2007 I was lucky enough to see one of Oasis’ last gigs at Wembley Stadium. I had always been a huge fan of theirs and it was just a brilliant performance!
  5. Favourite computer game? I love motor racing. My favourite game right now is Forza Motorsport 7.
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