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LYNQ is reinventing manufacturing execution system (MES) software for plastics and rubber manufacturers running job shop, batch production or production lines.

The manufacturing of plastic and rubber products is a multi-billion pound industry that employs thousands of people across the UK.

Covering everything from the production of drinks bottles and plastic bags to bicycle tyres and machine parts; it’s an integral part of the national economy.

With such a range of items being made, though, production environments vary greatly, and companies across the sector must negate a number of unique obstacles on the road to operational efficiency.

Complex supply chains

Plastic manufacturing is a long process with a number of different stages; these cover the provision of raw materials to distribution.

Expensive raw materials

The UK produces millions of tonnes of plastics raw materials every year, but high costs can negatively impact companies’ profit margins.

Environmental concerns

Sustainability pressures on the plastic and rubber industry are growing, with consumers and the government both expecting manufacturers to operate responsibly.

Health and safety

Worker safety is at risk due to the use of large-scale machinery and the constant presence of dangerous chemicals. Companies must track activity and enforce stringent health and safety regulations.

Achieving delivery, quality and financial goals relies on the effectiveness of your resources. Getting the most from your employees and machines goes beyond scheduling. It requires intelligent insight and complete visibility of where time is being lost, using technology that can automate data collection and optimise workflow, to seamlessly connect planning and production activities.

Our solution is built to complement the best-of-breed ERP systems your company already relies on, and can improve operations in a number of ways.

  • Avoid bottlenecks by using the detailed, graphical planning board to more effectively manage machine loading.
  • Track product quality with accurate and instant data – giving you the chance to identify opportunities for improvement and minimise wasted materials.
  • Communicate across different areas of the factory with the help of online collaboration tools.
  • Track factory and employee performance and achieve maximum operational efficiency using powerful trend algorithms.

LYNQ is already helping plastics and rubber manufacturers across the world achieve better efficiency and greater quality products.

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