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LYNQ is reinventing manufacturing execution system (MES) software for aerospace and defence manufacturers running job shop, batch production or production lines.

The UK’s aerospace and defence industry is the second largest in the world, beaten only by the US.

It’s a sector worth around £25 billion that supports 230,000 jobs across the country, while contributing significantly to the national economy.

The pressure on manufacturers to operate at peak efficiency, however, is intensifying. Companies are being forced to overcome challenges new and old as they look to continue growing in a tough economic climate.

Constant evolution

Companies must be ready to adapt to new technologies and techniques if they’re to keep pace with the rest of the industry.

Skills development

With the sector constantly evolving, companies must ensure their workforces are kept up to speed on the latest equipment, processes and regulations; skills development is crucial.

Global competition

As demand grows, so too does competition in the global industry. Manufacturers must set themselves apart from peers in order to retain market share.

Safety requirements

Safety is of utmost importance in the aerospace sector. The risks to employees should always be minimal, and passengers must be able to trust end products.

Achieving delivery, quality and financial goals relies on the effectiveness of your resources. Getting the most from your employees and machines goes beyond scheduling. It requires intelligent insight and complete visibility of where time is being lost, using technology that can automate data collection and optimise workflow, to seamlessly connect planning and production activities.

LYNQ is built to complement the best-of-breed ERP systems your company already relies on, and can improve operations in a number of ways.

  • Better analyse cost and profit margins and track production activity with the help of easy-to-use workforce management software.
  • Drastically reduce paperwork by using powerful online document storage, and enhance company-wide collaboration with convenient messaging features.
  • Achieve better visibility of employee and equipment productivity to identify improvement opportunities quickly.
  • Use online forms to record the results of quality control tests, minimising the risk of error.

LYNQ is already being used by manufacturers from the aerospace and defence industries.

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