Your business. Optimised.

Paperless shop floor with downtime alerts and collaborative messaging.

Factory collaboration & paperless shop.

Creating a seamless connection between planning and production activities helps to create flow and results in increased efficiency, productivity and profitability.

Using the principles of Six Sigma (define, measure, analyse, improve and control), LYNQ provides the measurement and analysis metrics to target loss, reduce cycle times, increase output and improve product margins.

With alerts and messaging you are able to bring your production environment under control and with an ability to provide documents online, you can avoid costly manual paperwork trails.



Paperless shop floor with downtime alerts and collaborative messaging.


Effective scheduling of resources with online plans and interactive job lists.


Real-time data collection and tracking of employees, equipment and jobs.


Automatic data capture from machines and other devices.


World-class factory performance analysis with loss visualisation.

One solution to optimise workflow.


Receive performance management alerts to improve efficiencies and prevent issues becoming problems.


Send and view messages to and from the shop floor.

Issue workflow

View, assign and resolve custom and/or performance related production issues.

Paperless shop

Manage and maintain static attachments or online forms related to jobs, operations, employees and equipment. Add hyperlinks to videos and/or document management systems where audit trail or document versioning control is required.

Anytime, anywhere.

Access mission critical information whenever and wherever you need it via tablet and/or mobile devices.

Your business.

One solution

Optimise manufacturing workflow by integrating your planning and production activities with an all-in-one solution.

Low cost

Starting from $20,000, avoiding time consuming and costly integration, for a low overall total cost of ownership.

Quick to deploy

Rapid, fixed priced implementation in less than 12 weeks.


Sophisticated, next-generation web-based technologies, easily configured for any industry and any device, providing any time access.


Gain instant insight with out of the box, world-class performance analysis and loss visualisation of your employees and equipment.

Machine connectivity

Automate data capture from your machines and other devices with more than 140 drivers to the most common PLC/IO devices supporting Industry 4.0.

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Take a virtual tour and explore how you can digitalise and drive factory performance with LYNQ.

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One solution for effective resource management.