LYNQ Employee Spotlight – Elizabeth Arnett

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Adding faces to the names, introducing the LYNQ team…

Elizabeth Annett, Channel Marketing Manager


Lizzie has 7 years of experience working for an enterprise partner as well as having worked at a technology distributor, Lizzie brings a wide breadth of experience across software solutions and channel marketing.

Tell us about your role at LYNQ, Lizzie

How long have you worked at LYNQ? A little over 1 year now

What do you enjoy about your role? I enjoy seeing the impact of marketing, being able to track through when a creative idea has an impact on the business as a whole. I also enjoy getting to travel as part of my role and meeting lots of new and interesting people.

What is your favourite project that you have worked on? I really enjoyed putting together the customer story on IKI, it was great to hear how LYNQ has had such a major impact on their business and use this to put together a great piece of marketing content.

And to get a bit more personal, here’s a ‘Quick Fire Five’

  1. What is your phone screensaver? My dog, Robbie. He is a working cocker spaniel and it is a rare picture of him looking very cute and sleepy! He is more likely found running full pelt in our nearby fields, chasing pigeons, rabbits or other dogs…! Haha
  2. One thing you’d take to a desert island? Margaritas on a yacht (Below deck style fully crewed one please).
  3. I bet my teammates would be surprised to know that…  I’ve run 2 half marathons and completed the Yorkshire 3 Peaks Challenge, all for charity! I’ve seen Orangutans in the wild as well as a humpback whale on Pismo beach. So glad the world has opened back up to travelling/exploring again!
  4. What was the first gig / live music event you went to? Franz Ferdinand! I love a bit of alternative indie rock/pop.
  5. Favourite computer game? Not much of a computer game player but I used to love Tetris when I was younger as well as a bit of Angry Birds. Does Wordle count?!
Written by
Elizabeth O’Brien

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