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LYNQ is reinventing manufacturing execution system (MES) software for chemicals manufacturers running batch processing or production lines.

The UK chemicals and pharmaceuticals industry is thought to be worth £60 billion and employs          600,000 people.

The manufacturing of chemicals and pharmaceuticals is big business in the UK. It’s one of the country’s leading export sectors, and is thought to be worth £60 billion. It also accounts for around 600,000 jobs, with the North East known as a particular hotspot for production and employment.

All of the businesses operating in this sector, however, face a unique set of challenges that can make it difficult to plan, execute and analyse effectively.

No room for error

Chemical manufacturing is a precise task, and mistakes can hit businesses financially. It’s essential that the right materials are available and that production is monitored closely to minimise errors.

Cost of raw goods

Chemical manufacturing relies on a huge range of raw materials, the availability and prices of which are prone to fluctuation. The ability to accurately determine stock requirements, therefore, is crucial.

Strict regulations

The industry is governed by stricter health and safety regulations than most, given the nature and volume of hazards present in the manufacturing environment.

Large product catalogues

Manufacturers are often tasked with managing large product portfolios, with production sometimes spread across disparate sites.

Achieving delivery, quality and financial goals relies on the effectiveness of your resources. Getting the most from your employees and machines goes beyond scheduling. It requires intelligent insight and complete visibility of where time is being lost, using technology that can automate data collection and optimise workflow, to seamlessly connect planning and production activities.

LYNQ is built to complement the best-of-breed ERP systems your company already relies on, and can improve operations in a number of ways.

  • Become paperless, reduce overheads and cut waste by relying on online document attachments, messaging and alerts.
  • Gain better visibility of employee performance by closely monitoring efficiency and quality levels.
  • Improve performance across the factory floor with the help of powerful data analytics tools.

LYNQ is already being used by chemicals manufacturers to boost efficiency and increase product margins.

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