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LYNQ is reinventing manufacturing execution system (MES) software for furniture and furnishings manufacturers running job shop, batch production or production lines.

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Government figures show the UK’s furniture and furnishings manufacturing industry to be worth a staggering £9.4 billion to the national economy, equating to 1.8 per cent of overall manufacturing output. Add general woodwork to this, and you have a substantial sector that employs more than 100,000 people across the country. Every one of the companies operating in this area, however, faces a number of unique challenges – all of which are capable of hindering productivity.

Changing landscape

Companies must find a balance between relying on the traditional processes that have served them well for so many years and using the modern techniques necessary to maximise productivity.

Environmental impact

Wood manufacturers are faced with increasing pressure from both consumers and regulating bodies regarding environmental impact. Waste must be dealt with in the right way, and processes should be dealt with in the right way, and processes should be sustainable.

Lack of flexibility

Factories set up for high-run orders typically lack flexibility, giving manufacturers little chance to expand their product portfolios.

Peak sales periods

Companies must rely on peak sales in bi-annual markets, with demand for specific products increasing and decreasing around summer and winter periods.

Achieving delivery, quality and financial goals relies on the effectiveness of your resources. Getting the most from your employees and machines goes beyond scheduling. It requires intelligent insight and complete visibility of where time is being lost, using technology that can automate data collection and optimise workflow, to seamlessly connect planning and production activities.

LYNQ is built to complement the best-of-breed ERP systems your company already relies on, and can improve operations in a number of ways.

  • Increase customer satisfaction by giving your service team complete visibility of the shop floor, making it possible to determine the status of every job quickly and easily.
  • Reliable document storage and online messaging systems allow you to go paperless on the shop floor, improving sustainability and operational efficiency.
  • Maintain detailed visibility of your manufacturing requirements to avoid stock issues.
  • Use powerful analytics dashboards to monitor OEE, loading, availability, performance and quality.

LYNQ is already helping furniture and furnishings manufacturers to become better positioned to achieve success and grow.

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